(((Associated Press extremely-high resol...
(((Associated Press extremely-high resolution close-up))) of an aging former beauty. She's ((in her mid-seventies)), as one can tell from the (((moderate wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin on her face and body))). The picture focuses on her ((perfect eyes)) (highly-detailed and anatomically correct pale, gray eyes, with dark, round pupils 1.9)), enhanced with dark mascara, a thick line of black eyeliner, and dark purple eye shadow). ((The woman's face and hair are all completely in focus, consistent with a high depth of field)). The image includes the eyebrows, surrounding skin, nose, mouth and teeth -- all with the same level of anatomical detail as the eyes -- and we can see that ((her shag cut and long bangs are now silver and gray)); (((wrinkles, deep laugh-lines and frown-lines are now dominant features on her face, and crow's feet near her eyes have turned the corners into a network of crevices))); and ((there's some moderate sagging of the skin on her neck and arms, plus some rosacea on her nose)). Facially, she's a mix of (Melanie Laurent 1.3), (Brittany Murphy 1.9), (Elizabeth Turner 1.8), (Ellana Bryan 1.4) and (Natalia Dyer 1.9), (((with (the eyes and nose of Olivia Newton-John 1.9), but much older versions of them all. She has (full, sensual lips, though the upper lip is less full than lower lip). She also has ((puffiness under her eyes and deep lines demarcating the bottom of those bags)), areas of dry, irritated skin, and light freckles now accompanied by a few age spots. ((((The level of anatomical detail is on par with a medical reference book: all the details of the iris; the color variations within the iris; the small capillaries found in the white portions of the eye)))), etc. (((She is smiling -- not a big, wide smile, but just a slight grin, with her dimples just starting to appear, and the lips parted slightly so we can glimpse some of the characteristics of her top-row front incisors. No tooth is completely visible))).
Negative prompt
(hands visible 1.9), (eye color too dark or colorful 1.9), ((neck too long, not anatomically correct 1.8), ((no business shirt or blouse 1.9)), (((teeth lacking symmetry in shape, so central incisors mirror each other, canines mirror each other, and so on, 1.9))), (pupils not centered in the irises 1.9), ((lighting too uniform or even 1.9)), ((skin texture lacking the extremely fine and translucent tiny hairs)), (lips blurred or not showing the textural complexity of real lips 1.8), ((reflectively of the enamel on the upper teeth is flat, and does not indicate curvature of the teeth 1.9)), ((((left iris not uniformly round 1.9)))), ((((right iris not uniformly round 1.9)))), (((lower eyelashes insufficiently dark, and lacking detail and definition 1.9))), ((((no eyeliner on edge of lower eyelids 1.8)))), ((hairs along edge of hairline not sharp and detailed so that we can see the individual hairs that make up the hairline 1.9)), ((eyebrows not in extremely sharp focus)), ((individual eyebrow hairs lacking definition and variation in length)), ((capillaries not evident in the whites of the eyes)), ((pupil edges lacking sharpness 1.8)), ((irises lacking detailed radial striations and complex coloration 1.8)), ((gums not apparent between the upper parts of the teeth)), (gum color too consistent, or lacking variation consistent with real dental pictures of gums 1.9), (hair sticking up too high above top of head 1.9), (abnormal facial proportions), (forehead too high 1.9), (hair extending too far back), bad anatomy, (((lacking details that would be found in a high-resolution image or medical textbook))), no eyeliner, no mascara, no eye shadow, teeth lack slight yellow staining, skin is overly shiny or waxy in appearance, (((eyes that are extremely blue and highly saturated))), ((((hair or face not completely in focus))), ((teeth other than the top front incisors visible)), ((full smile))
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Feb. 8, 2024, 3:46 a.m.
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