Imagine a pair of elegant and well-cared...
Imagine a pair of elegant and well-cared-for female feet. They have a soft, smooth complexion with a healthy, natural skin tone. The toes are neatly aligned, each adorned with a subtle, glossy nail polish that adds a touch of sophistication. The arches of the feet are gracefully curved, indicating strength and balance. The heels are smooth, without any signs of roughness, reflecting meticulous care. The overall appearance of the feet conveys a sense of delicate beauty, with each detail contributing to their aesthetic appeal. The image should capture these feet in a close-up, showcasing their elegance and fine details in a tasteful and artistic manner.
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, bad anatomy, bad proportions, cloned, , extra fingers , Bad proportions, Amputee, Missing fingers
#Cinematic #Fantasy art
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Nov. 27, 2023, 6:48 p.m.
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