A high-definition photorealistic headsho...
A high-definition photorealistic headshot of actress (Helen Slater circa 1984) with her light blonde hair styled so that it sweeps back from her forehead and face, revealing the fine details of her features and a radiant smile. Her honey-blonde hair has platinum blonde highlights gently framing her face. She is exceptionally beautiful, and the fine details of her eye lashes and skin -- including barely perceptible freckling on her cheeks and nose -- is plainly visible, due to the sharp focus of the image. Her eyes have large, dark pupils which are identical in size and surrounded by blue-gray irises. Her eyes are a bit rounder and more prominent than average eyes, appearing wide open. Her skin is just fractionally lighter than the typical Southern California winter tan, and her lips look natural, with only the slightest hint of reddish lipstick. Both eyes have identical coloration, and the irises show natural complexity like you find in medical texts. The pupils appear at the same height within the eyes, and there is a glossy reflectivity to the pupils, suggesting the lighting that was used to take the photograph. The length of the individual hairs in her eyebrows show very slight variation, so that their outlines are not perfectly even, just close to it. Her hair is in focus, allowing one to see fine detail and a few single strands slightly out of place or drifting across her brow. Her eyelashes show the same fine detail, with some variation in individual length and thickness. She is wearing mascara that enhances the thickness of the eyelashes, but there is some variation in the clumping of the mascara. She has dark eyeliner that is more pronounced and evident along the edge of the upper eyelids than the lower eyelids. Fine detail is also evident on her upper lip, with the vertical lines showing some variation in depth and how evident they are. There is slight micro-level color variation in her skin, and a very slight bluish cast right under her eyes.
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