Detailed, in-focus photographic portrait...
Detailed, in-focus photographic portrait of porn star ((Spencer Scott, circa 2014)) who is naked. Very sharp detail makes it possible to see texture details on the aureoles of her breast, texture of the skin on the nipples, and fine lines around her eyes and lips. Her face is dominated by a ((very wide mouth)) and (lips twice the size of normal lips), like a fuller version of Sophia Loren's. Her face narrows rapidly toward her chin, which is small and angular. Facially, she looks like a porn-star version of Lady Gaga: Gaga's nose and most prominent features exaggerated, or turned up a notch. Her nose is straight, she has high cheekbones partially masked by full, fleshy cheeks, and intensely blue eyes. Hair roots are clearly visible along the hairline on her scalp. Her hair is platinum blonde, is parted just to the left of center, and has dark brown roots giving way to waist-length pale blonde hair with a silky sheen to it. Her eyes are almond-shaped, close together, and angle slightly down toward the bridge of her nose, with heavy eyeliner and long false eyelashes. Her body measurements are 33-22-33, and her bra size is 38D, so her breasts look large and pendulous.
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bad anatomy, jewelry
#Cinematic #Realistic #Safe defaults
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Dec. 14, 2023, 5:11 a.m.
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