((High-resolution Associated Press close...
((High-resolution Associated Press close-up portrait)) of a young (fair-skinned Caucasian) standing in a park. ((The picture shows her face and hair in exceptional detail: every fine line and subtle make-up detail in sharp focus)). (((She has fine, short platinum blonde hair with silver highlights -- hair tapered on the sides and back, so her ears are completely uncovered 1.9))), but left ((about six inches long on top for styling: lightly permed, then treated with hair gel and blow-dried straight back from her forehead and face -- in effect, a wavy platinum pixie cut that flows from the hairline back over the top of her head, like an icy river following the contours of her skull and dovetails at the nape of her neck 1.9)). She has (soft, pale blue-gray eyes 1.8)) with (perfect round irises), (round, dark pupils), (long, thick lashes), supplemented with ((mascara, eyeliner, and glittering silver eye shadow 1.8)). ((Her eye makeup is heavy, colorful and intense 1.9)) (Liberal use of concealer and dark bronze blush on the crest of her cheeks gives her skin a smooth, flawless look). The woman is in her early 20s, and (dressed in a simple white cotton dress 1.9). (She is tall, slender and athletic). Facially, she's a mix of (Melanie Laurent 1.3), (Brittany Murphy 1.9), (Elizabeth Turner 1.8), (Ellana Bryan 1.4) and (Natalia Dyer 1.9), with (the eyes and nose of Olivia Newton-John 1.9). She has (full, sensual lips, though the upper lip is less full than lower lip). She also has ((puffiness under her eyes and deep lines demarcating the bottom of those bags)), and ((lightly freckled skin, which is just barely visible through her makeup 1.9)). ((She has a significant overbite, with the front two teeth of the top row sit slightly forward of the rest and creating a very slight buck-toothed grin 1.3)). (She has long, fine eyelashes), pressed so the upper ones curl upwards. (Her lips show fine vertical lines), and are done up in (((Trophy Wife Crème frosted pink lipstick))).
Negative prompt
bad anatomy, (eyelids have discontinuous or odd edges 1.9), (ears not completely visible 1.9), (lipstick that isn't frosted pink), (no shirt), (hair not combed straight back 1.9), (hair doesn't look wet from gel 1.8), (irises aren't perfectly round 1.9), (more than one earring per ear 1.8), (no gel in hair 1.9), (earrings not identical size and shape 1.9), (eyes have insufficiently sharp edges 1.5),(eyeliner is insufficiently dark 1.6), (eye shadow not visible 1.5), (no thick line of eyeliner on lower eyelids 1.9), (earrings not identical), (lipstick that is subtle or not present 1.5), (white part of the eye has bluish cast 1.8), (missing panels of fabric in the dress 1.9), (distorted shape to the pupils 1.7), (pupils not identical in size and shape 1.9), (irises not identical in size and shape 1.9), (irises lack radial striations and minute color variations within the iris 1.7), (inner corner of eyes not matching 1.4), (freckles that are sharply demarcated or have distinct edges 1.9), (upper front teeth not visible 1.5), (clothing fabric that mixes with other fabric 1.7), (a pink cast to the hair 1.9), (blouse sleeves that join together 1.9), (buttons which are misshapen or partially formed 1.9), (eye shadow color and sheen isn't evident 1.9), (lipstick lacking gloss or sheen 1.9), missing arms, extra arms, (((lack of blemishes and skin imperfections))), ((random long strands of hair)), (no bangs 1.9), ((waxy or shiny skin)), asymmetrical hair style, (hair longer than top of shoulders 1.7), (hair having light roots 1.6), asymmetrical clothing, arms or hands that overlap or join together, (((any necklaces))), (((earrings))), fingers or fingernails not properly formed, eye pupils that don't match in size, eye colors that don't match, teeth superimposed on lips, teeth that are too wide or unnatural in shape, skin lacking sufficient detail or texture, blurred hair, insufficient detail in hair, hair color too uniform or lacking variation, necklaces, off-centered
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