Detailed, in-focus photographic portrait...
Detailed, in-focus photographic portrait of a beautiful woman who is naked. Very sharp detail makes it possible to see texture details on the aureoles of her breast, texture of the skin on the nipples, and fine lines around her eyes and lips. Her face is dominated by a ((very wide mouth)) and full lips. She is incredibly sexy, and facially looks like a cross between model ((Elizabeth Turner circa 2020)) and actress (((Marilyn Monroe circa 1957))). She has knee-length blonde hair, braided and then coiled into a bun atop her head. (It is adorned with a garland of flowers.)
Negative prompt
bad anatomy, jewelry, eyes not matching shape and size, teeth not being correctly formed
#Cinematic #Realistic #Safe defaults
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Dec. 14, 2023, 9:48 a.m.
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