((High-resolution Associated Press)) ((s...
((High-resolution Associated Press)) ((sharp-focus close-up of the face, with soft, diffuse lighting)) of an ((attractive, young Caucasian woman)) at an outdoor cafe in Rome, (((leaning forward and listening intently to her boyfriend, who is seated across from her but out of frame)). ((She has shoulder-length, shiny and healthy golden-blonde hair, styled with hair gel, then given a salon blow-out to achieve maximum "big hair" volume)). She has (soft, pale blue-gray eyes 1.8)) with (perfect round irises), (round, dark pupils), (long, thick lashes), ((a thick line of eyeliner 1.9)), and (glittering silver eye shadow 1.8). ((Her lipstick is a light, bright frosted pink 1.9)) (Liberal use of concealer and dark pink blush on the crest of her cheeks gives her skin a smooth, flawless look). The woman is a high school senior, ((dressed in a hand-crafted white lace blouse with elaborate needlepoint)). (She is tall and slender -- about 5'9" and 120 lbs -- and built like a runner: lean and athletic). Facially, she's a mix of (Melanie Laurent 1.3), (Brittany Murphy 1.9), (Elizabeth Turner 1.8), (Ellana Bryan 1.4) and (Natalia Dyer 1.9), with (the eyes and nose of Olivia Newton-John 1.9). She has (full, sensual lips, though the upper lip is less full than lower lip). She also has ((puffiness under her eyes and deep lines demarcating the bottom of those bags)), and ((lightly freckled skin, which is just barely visible through her makeup 1.9)). ((She has a significant overbite, with the front two teeth of the top row sit slightly forward of the rest and creating a very slight buck-toothed grin 1.3)). (She has long, fine eyelashes), pressed so the upper ones curl upwards. (Her lips show fine vertical lines and some chapping under her lipstick). ((Her teeth are clean and off-white, not pure white -- there is some yellowing)). ((((Reduce brightness of teeth 20% before rendering)))).
Negative prompt
((extremely white teeth)), ((forehead too tall)), ((the edges of individual teeth not visible)), ((overly tall teeth)), ((insufficiently visible gum line around teeth)), ((overly large teeth)), ((nudity)), ((towering hair)), ((pink hair)), (((earrings))), (lower eyelashes too short), (area below lower eyelids lacks fine lines and creases), (((skin texture too smooth))), (reflections in eyes missing or subdued 1.9), (angle of arm doesn't match angle of blouse sleeve 1.9), foreground not in focus, mid-distance not in focus, (asymmetric sleeve length 1.7), (pupil size not identical), (iris size not identical), unclear eyes, asymmetrical eyes, asymmetrical pupils, smooth iris textures, blurry reflections in eyes, insufficiently sharp reflections in eyes, blurry hair, blurry face, bad anatomy, (irises not perfectly round 1.9), (skin lack differential shininess) (pupils not perfectly round 1.9), (exposed breasts 1.9), (((eyes not identical in color, detail and sharpness))), naked, not fully clothed, (jpeg artifacts in eyes 1.9), (asymmetrical clothing 1.9), (bad clothing 1.9), (blurry hair 1.9), (blurry face 1.9), (blurry clothes 1.9), (holes in fabric 1.9), (irises not round 1.9), (pupils not centered in irises 1.9), (reflections in eyes not sharp or detailed 1.9), (eyes not identical 1.8), ((random long strands of hair)), (no bangs 1.9), ((waxy or shiny skin)), asymmetrical hair style, (hair longer than top of shoulders 1.7), (hair having light roots 1.6), asymmetrical clothing, ((only a single bra strap)), arms or hands that overlap or join together, (((any jewelry))), earrings, fingers or fingernails not properly formed, eye pupils that don't match in size, eye colors that don't match, teeth superimposed on lips, teeth that are too wide or unnatural in shape, blurred hair, insufficient detail in hair, hair color too uniform or lacking variation, no necklaces, off-centered pupils, pupils smaller than normal, bluish blouse color, eye pupils that aren't centered
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March 4, 2024, 9:53 a.m.
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