A young Japanese woman stands serenely u...
A young Japanese woman stands serenely under the delicate pink blossoms of a sakura tree, which signify her cultural heritage. She is dressed in a traditional kimono with a pattern of chrysanthemums, the national flower of Japan, and cranes, symbolizing longevity and good fortune. Her hair is styled in a classic shimada hairstyle, adorned with kanzashi hair ornaments that are indicative of her non-married status. The woman's makeup is subtle yet unmistakable, with a natural base and just a hint of red on her lips, reflecting the Japanese aesthetic of simplicity and understated elegance. She holds a sensu, a folding fan, featuring ukiyo-e art, which adds to the cultural authenticity of the scene. The background is a tranquil Japanese garden with a koi pond, adding to the peaceful and unmistakably Japanese setting
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, bad anatomy, cloned face, cropped, duplicate, extra arms, extra fingers, extra legs, extra limbs
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Nov. 20, 2023, 6:44 p.m.
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