(((Ultra high-resolution, very sharp and...
(((Ultra high-resolution, very sharp and in-focus, Associated Press close-up))) of a young ((light-skinned Caucasian)) woman standing in a bar. (((The picture shows her face in extremely fine detail: every hair, texture, fine line and subtle make-up detail in sharp focus, like a frame of IMAX film))). She has ((((very straight, shoulder-length dark chocolate brown hair shot through with wispy Nordic-blonde highlights -- hair without any wave or curl, hanging plumb straight from the crown of her head to the top of her shoulders)))). The woman is in her mid-20s and dressed in a ((sleek blue satin blouse)). ((She is slender, but with natural C-cup breasts))). Facially, she resembles a cross between (Melanie Laurent 1.7) and (Nastassja Kinski 1.5), with (the eyes and nose of Olivia Newton-John 1.9), and (the mouth and teeth of model Noelle Brown 1.8). She has (((visible puffiness under her eyes, like someone who hasn't slept in a few days, and deep creases marking the lower edge of the puffiness))), plus ((full, but natural lips)), and ((a moderate sprinkling of very light, but quite visible freckles across her cheeks, nose, forehead and chin, with the concentration strongest on her nose 1.7)). ((Her lips are parted, mouth slightly agape, revealing a strong overbite and prominent top front incisors aligned just in front of the others, almost like buck teeth)). She has long, fine eyelashes, and the eyebrows are detailed enough to make out individual hairs. (((Her lips show fine vertical lines, beneath a layer of shiny burgundy lipstick, and her upper lip is somewhat raised and tented in the middle))). ((Her skin's imperfections are largely masked with concealer and deep bronze blush, and her eye makeup -- mascara that really draws attention to her gently curving lashes; eyeliner applied as a thick, dark outline; and smokey eye shadow that turns her upper eyelids into deep wells -- is suitably dramatic.))
Negative prompt
bad anatomy, (stacked or multiple heads 1.9), (top front incisors not centered 1.9), (top front incisors not visible 1.9), (top front incisors not aligned in front of the rest of the row of teeth 1.8), (freckles that are sharply demarcated or have distinct edges 1.9), (clothing fabric that mixes with other fabric 1.7), (a pink cast to the hair 1.9), ((not all of the hair up and off the neck)), (blouse sleeves that join together 1.9), (buttons which are misshapen or partially formed 1.9), (((hair that is too light))), (eye shadow color and sheen isn't evident 1.9), (lipstick lacking gloss or sheen 1.9), (eyeliner not obvious on lower eyelid 1.6), missing arms, extra arms, (((lack of blemishes and skin imperfections))), ((random long strands of hair)), (no bangs 1.9), ((waxy or shiny skin)), asymmetrical hair style, (hair longer than top of shoulders 1.7), (hair having light roots 1.6), asymmetrical clothing, arms or hands that overlap or join together, (((any necklaces))), (((earrings))), fingers or fingernails not properly formed, eye pupils that don't match in size, eye colors that don't match, teeth superimposed on lips, teeth that are too wide or unnatural in shape, skin lacking sufficient detail or texture, blurred hair, insufficient detail in hair, hair color too uniform or lacking variation, no necklaces, off-centered pupils, pupils smaller than normal, bluish blouse color, eye pupils that aren't centered
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Jan. 13, 2024, 6:14 p.m.
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