((Ultra high-resolution, high depth of f...
((Ultra high-resolution, high depth of field, very sharp focus, Associated Press portrait)) of a young ((fair-skinned Caucasian)) woman in a park, smiling. (((The picture shows her face, hair and clothing in exceptional detail: every hair, texture, fine line and subtle make-up detail in sharp focus, like a frame of IMAX film))). She has (((very short dark brown hair that is crew cut on the back and on the sides 1.8))), but ((permed and bleached above the ears so it's a mass of tight blonde curls on top 1.9)). The roots of the hair are a very dark brown, and ((the hair has lots of teased-out volume, flowing back from the hairline 1.7)). She also has (((pale blue-gray eyes))) with (large, dark pupils), (long, dark lashes), (dark eyeliner lending a thick outline to both lids 1.9), and dramatic (dusky maroon eye shadow 1.8). (Some concealer make-up, and dark bronze blush on the crest of her cheeks, masks her blemishes and facial imperfections). The woman is in her late teens or early 20s and dressed in (a dark blue t-shirt). (She is tall and slender), with (shapely C-cup breasts). Facially, she's a mix of (porn star Athena Palomino 1.9) and (model Noelle Brown 1.8), with (the eyes and nose of Olivia Newton-John 1.9). She has (full, sensual lips, though the upper lip is less full than lower lip). She also has (((visible puffiness under her eyes, a bluish cast to those bags, and deep lines separating that puffiness from her cheeks))), and ((a light sprinkling of light, indistinct freckles across her cheeks, nose and chin with the concentration heaviest on her nose)). (She has a significant overbite, with the front two teeth of the top row sit slightly forward of the rest and creating a mildly buck-toothed grin 1.8). (She has long, fine eyelashes), pressed so the upper ones curl upwards. ((Her lips show fine vertical lines, and are done up in glossy dark burgundy lipstick)).
Negative prompt
bad anatomy, (blurred hair 1.9), (irises aren't round), (facial features not super sharp 1.9),(frizzy hair 1.8), (eyes lack photographic accuracy 1.8), (eyes have insufficiently sharp edges 1.5),(eyeliner is insufficiently thick and dark 1.6), (eye shadow not visible 1.5), (hair longer than top of shoulders 1.9), (eye shadow not dark 1.8), (eye shadow not purple 1.9), (lipstick that is subtle or not present 1.5), (white part of the eye has bluish cast 1.8), (missing dress straps 1.9), (missing panels of fabric in the dress 1.9), (distorted shape to the pupils 1.7), (pupils not identical in size and shape 1.9), (irises not identical in size and shape 1.9), (irises lacking radial striations and minute color variations within the iris 1.7), (inner corner of eyes not matching 1.4), (stacked or multiple heads 1.9), (freckles that are sharply demarcated or have distinct edges 1.9), (upper front teeth not visible 1.5), (clothing fabric that mixes with other fabric 1.7), (a pink cast to the hair 1.9), ((not all of the hair up and off the neck)), (blouse sleeves that join together 1.9), (buttons which are misshapen or partially formed 1.9), (((hair that is too light))), (eye shadow color and sheen isn't evident 1.9), (lipstick lacking gloss or sheen 1.9), (eyeliner not obvious on lower eyelid 1.6), missing arms, extra arms, (((lack of blemishes and skin imperfections))), ((random long strands of hair)), (no bangs 1.9), ((waxy or shiny skin)), asymmetrical hair style, (hair longer than top of shoulders 1.7), (hair having light roots 1.6), asymmetrical clothing, arms or hands that overlap or join together, (((any necklaces))), (((earrings))), fingers or fingernails not properly formed, eye pupils that don't match in size, eye colors that don't match, teeth superimposed on lips, teeth that are too wide or unnatural in shape, skin lacking sufficient detail or texture, blurred hair, insufficient detail in hair, hair color too uniform or lacking variation, necklaces, off-centered
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Jan. 18, 2024, 7 p.m.
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