((Highly-detailed and photorealistic clo...
((Highly-detailed and photorealistic close-up portrait)) of a young ((Caucasian)) woman in a park. ((((Her shoulder-length brown hair has been permed and teased, bleached and cut, turning it into a light blonde Afro -- a spectacular nimbus of pale golden frizz lit up by the summer sun)))) and forming ((((a halo of extremely tight, kinky curls around her head.)))) Stray locks are kept off her face via a black hair band. (((She has prominent pale blue-gray eyes, which feature dark, round pupils rimmed by the wavy blue-gray marbling of her irises))), and are topped by ((((high, gently arching eyebrows the same shade as her hair)))). The woman is in her late teens, dressed in a ((((black lycra sports bra)))) and (((lycra running shorts))). (((She is tall and slender,))) with (((a runner's build -- lean, with a well-defined musculature -- with modest B-cup breasts))). Facially, she resembles a cross between ((((Ellana Bryan)))), ((actress Olivia Cooke), (((a young Adrianne Palicki))), (((a brunette Desire Inglander))), (((newscaster Jadiann Thompson))), ((Elizabeth Turner circa 2020)) and ((Natalia Dyer)). She also has (((visible puffiness under her eyes, a bluish cast to those bags, and deep lines separating that puffiness from her cheeks))), plus (((full, sensual lips))), and (((a light sprinkling of very light, indistinct freckles across her cheeks and nose, with the concentration heaviest on her nose))), and ((a slight overbite that exposes the bottom half of her upper front teeth a bit more)). She has long, fine eyelashes, and the eyebrows are detailed enough to make out individual hairs. The outline of the eyebrows is not perfectly straight, showing variation in the edges and the thickness. (Her lips show fine vertical lines, and are natural in color -- no lipstick or lip gloss -- just the slightest bit pinker, darker and more corrugated than the surrounding skin). (((Her skin has visible blemishes and imperfections that keep her skin from being totally smooth.)))
Negative prompt
bad anatomy, missing arms, extra arms, ((random long strands of hair)), (((hair not extremely curly or frizzy in front)), ((all hair not pulled back from forehead)), ((waxy or shiny skin)), ((no hair band)), asymmetrical hair style, ((hair longer than top of shoulders)), (((hair having dark roots))), ((hair band not visible)), (((hair band not forming an arc across the top of head))), asymmetrical clothing, ((only a single bra strap)), arms or hands that overlap or join together, (((any jewelry))), earrings, fingers or fingernails not properly formed, eye pupils that don't match in size, eye colors that don't match, teeth superimposed on lips, teeth that are too wide or unnatural in shape, skin lacking sufficient detail or texture, blurred hair, insufficient detail in hair, hair color too uniform or lacking variation, no necklaces, off-centered pupils, pupils smaller than normal, bluish blouse color, eye pupils that aren't centered
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Jan. 1, 2024, 3:07 p.m.
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