((8K UHD extremely-detailed and sharp po...
((8K UHD extremely-detailed and sharp portrait)), ((diffuse natural light, plain white wall background)) (((finely-detailed facial features, including the wavy radial stroma of the irises,))), (((entire subject's face, hair and clothes in very sharp focus))). Image is of a ((smiling Caucasian woman)) with (((shoulder-length dark chocolate-brown hair permed and teased for maximum volume))). She has beautiful (((pale blue-gray eyes with visible stroma -- the wavy radial muscles that control aperture in the eye))) and ((long, dark lashes featuring clump-free mascara)). Her eye makeup also includes (((a thick line of pencil eyeliner outlining the entire eye))) and (((dark bronze eye shadow for a classic and sexy "smokey eye" look))). (Some concealer, and dark pink blush on the crest of her cheeks, enhances her beauty 1.8). The woman is in her early 20s, and (((((wearing a black silk dress with a complex reverse floral pattern: black silhouettes where the flowers should be, and bright pink, red, and white for the background)))). ((She is tall and slender,)) with (a runner's build -- lean, with a well-defined musculature -- with modest B-cup breasts 1.8). Facially, she resembles a cross between (Ellana Bryan 1.7), (Helen Slater 1.6), (Melanie Laurent 1.8), (newscaster Jadiann Thompson 1.7), (Elizabeth Turner circa 2020 1.2) and (Natalia Dyer 1.3). (Upper lip is a little less full than lower lip. 1.7) She also has (((visible puffiness under her eyes, a bluish cast to those bags, and deep lines separating that puffiness from her cheeks))), plus ((moderately full lips -- not thin, but definitely not puffy)), and ((some very light, indistinct freckles across her cheeks, nose and chin with the concentration heaviest on her nose 1.8)), and ((a slight overbite that exposes the bottom half of her upper front teeth a bit more 1.5)). She has long, fine eyelashes. (((Her lips are done up with glossy dark burgundy lipstick, like they are painted with blood))).
Negative prompt
((slightly out-of-focus)), ((((earrings)))), ((neck 25% too long)), (((flowers in background))), ((shallow depth of field)) ((right pupil size does not match left pupil)), ((face 5% too symmetrical)), (((mouth 20% too small))), ((shoulders 40% too narrow)), ((skin too smooth and perfect, lacking freckles))), ((no facial moles)), ((no blemishes)), (((deformed teeth)))), (((pointed teeth))), (((no vellus hair on cheeks or upper lip))), (((top front incisors 40% too small)), (((teeth lack proper verticality))), ((right iris color does not match left iris color)), (( (((asymmetrical blouse neckline)) (((pupils not perfectly round)))), ((((large breasts))), ((freckles 50% too dark and distinct)), ((eyebrows insufficiently sharp)), ((skin of tanned face 70% too light)), ((((both irises 40% too dark and too blue)))), ((eyeliner 100% too light and too narrow on upper and lower eyelids)), (((eye shadow 300% too light, shiny and colorful))), (((stroma -- radial striations -- not visible in either iris))), ((the limbal rings -- the outer rings of both irises -- have inconsistent thickness)), ((right irises lacks the color and complexity of the left iris)), ((left pupil slightly asymmetrical)), ((problem with clarity of right eye pupil and reflection)), ((forehead skin too smooth and shiny)), ((top front teeth lack variation in color, texture and reflectivity)), ((pupils not round)), ((pupils not perfectly centered in irises)), ((left eye does not match the color and texture of the right eye)), ((eye pupils lacking uniform round edges)), (((eye pupils 300% too small))), ((random long strands of hair)), ((waxy or shiny skin)), asymmetrical hair style, arms or hands that overlap or join together, (((any jewelry))), earrings, fingers or fingernails not properly formed, eye pupils that don't match in size, eye colors that don't match, teeth superimposed on lips, teeth that are too wide or unnatural in shape, no necklaces, off-centered pupils, eye pupils that aren't centered
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May 10, 2024, 8:52 a.m.
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